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Connected for Life℠ is a mobile patient engagement platform that enables healthcare providers to cost-effectively manage their patient populations by providing visibility to, and interaction with, their patient populations anywhere and at any time - and perhaps most importantly, in the gap between visits or beyond the clinical setting. The Connected for Life℠ platform is modular in nature and can be customized to address the needs of providers and patients.

Connected for Life℠ does not just provide information about which populations cost more but is instead a platform that affects real changes in these populations by actively involving and engaging patients and their families through a broad set of communications tools.

Connected for Life℠ integrates several key capabilities to help ensure that a patient receives the same high quality of care as if she were in a clinical setting, including:

• A powerful Patient Engagement Engine whereby healthcare providers can customize the design and delivery of care plans to individuals, including surveys, assessments and multi-media education programs.

• A comprehensive Medication Adherence ecosystem, including automated medication reminders and access to an extensive database of medications.

• Integration with an array of biometric devices which can automatically record and provide visibility to vital signs information; thresholds can be set to automatically notify the care team if a vital signs threshold is exceeded.

• An interactive Personal Health Record that enables the patient and care team to add health history, and record and access a daily health journal.

 The Connected for Life℠ management dashboard provides a summary of the patient population that can be filtered by medical condition or other criteria. The color-coded zone status depicts the current status of the patient based on criteria developed by the care team.  The healthcare professional not only can identify the reason for the current zone status, but can easily access an integrated view of each patient, including status, medications, vital signs and assessments.