Recognizing that a large and growing portion of our society is an at-risk elderly population, Connected for Life℠, is designed to: 

  • • engage individuals so that they are more involved in their own care,.
  • • assist family caregivers monitoring the daily health and well being of senior adults, and
  • • help any family caring for loved ones with health concerns or special needs.

Connected for Life℠ connects individuals and the people who care for them using multiple modes of communication including video, text and e-mail. Health and wellness information such as medication management, vital signs, Personal Health Journal and Observations of Daily Living can be shared among the members of care circle. This information can be presented both in tabular and chart formats with trending analysis helping to provide guidance as needed. Thresholds can be set so that care providers can be notified when readings are out of the prescribed range.


Connected for Life℠ seamlessly connects a wealth of health and wellness information so that the individual and the family can be actively engaged in the individual's health. Engaged individuals are much more likely to be able stay healthly and live in their own home.